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A New Beginning?

Honestly though, I don't understand why I'm getting the cold shoulder from Anna. I'm not going to be her little puppy dog, asking if she's okay, trying to cheer her up. Every time I try, she makes me feel stupid. So... I guess we're not friends anymore. I really want to transfer to be honest. It would make time with my boyfriend even more special since we wouldn't see each other at work and there's really no joy to be had there. My boss tried to talk me into staying but I'm really not looking forward to just sucking it up. I keep thinking about transferring so obviously it's something I need to do. Still have to call the employee hotline to complain about a member of staff that disrespected me the other day and wasn't written up for it. I should have sent her home but whatever. At the new store, I'd still be making the same amount, only I'd be dealing with a different crowd. A different team. A different store. A different manager. Ugh. Fuck Anna. Why is she being this way? It's kind of like she's saying fuck you by not saying a thing to me, treating me like a fucking stranger. I went in to get Mark's mother some mints and she treated me like a regular customer except she didn't ask how my Day was, etc.... so, ok. If that's how you wanna play this bitch, then I guess I'll play. I fucking hate being friends with women because of this mother fucking shit right here. The cold shoulder for no damn reason at all. I guess she doesn't need someone like me in her life anymore sooooooo good riddance. I suppose I'm playing the same game since I refuse to ask why she hasn't spoken to me in the longest time, but again, I'm not playing or giving in. Maybe she thinks I've pushed her out of my life to make room for Mark. What. The fuck. Ever. I can't do this back and forth anymore. One week we're friends, the next week we're acquaintances. Don't throw about the word bestie if you're not going to treat me accordingly. I have to transfer. It's just the same cycle at my store. It's pure bullshit.

So I did it. I've called the store that's supposedly hiring for a manager. Apparently the girl that the manager has in mind is having problems submitting an application so she'll be calling me tomorrow. Oh dear. I've set the wheels in motion. Sorry but this is a personal vendetta. Fuck the lifers in this store because they're not going to change or leave, like ever. Fuck having to clean up after Anna's shit all the time. Fuck the disgusting kitchen that nobody seems to give a shit about. The amazing assistant manager that's here is NOT going to last, he's too efficient. I don't want to obsess on the fact but I'm really excited that this might happen.

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