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Happy New Year

I had a pretty good New Year's Day. I've never been one to go out and party and I knew that Madonna would be alone this year so instead of spending the holiday with Mark (as it was his birthday) we had sushi at our favorite place and hung out at her house. I helped her take down the Christmas decorations as well. I'm finding it easier to balance my relationships lately.... anyway! It was a good ole time. Mark loved his robe that matched his pants. He's tossing his old robe, that's how much he loves it. I'm taking us out to dinner for his birthday on Wednesday. Can I just say how cute it is that before we fall asleep next to each other, he has made a comment about our six month anniversary coming up for two nights in a row now? He's adorable. And his kisses are intoxicating. After I spent my time with Madonna, I went over to Marks house to find him in bed. I got in my pajamas and crawled in next to him but unfortunately we both weren't tired so we got up had a cigarette and played some video games until I got tired. Then as we were laying in bed, he starts to tweak my nipples.... needless to say, five hours into the new year and I got some, WOO! As I kissed him goodbye before I left for work this morning, he asked for one more and I don't know why but my heart sings when he asks for more kisses. This is going to be a good year.

The transfer at work hasn't happened. I haven't heard a word from my store manager or my future store manager so I guess I'll be calling the future store manager tomorrow. The longer this takes, the more I don't want it to happen lol .... but it has to happen. It's long overdue. Fuuuuck that place.

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