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Ok so fuck my job lol I really, REALLY wanted to call out on Sunday because of the weather and for selfish reasons but that wasn't happening. The opening manager had an excuse, he lives miles and miles away. Driving in this snowstorm would have been dangerous for him but for the fucking LAZYASS graveyard manager who wanted to get a head start in her fucking week off, she has now been shunned. It pissed me off so having to save the day but whatever. That day was ridiculous. Anna didn't answer her phone or even <I>bother</I> to message me Sunday or Monday, but of course she messages right away when she gets there. So fuck that noise. I can't be friends with a selfish person. I just can't. I've noticed that since I've become friends with her, I've become somewhat of a mean girl, placing judgment or poking fun at someone. She sent a video complaining about this problem coworker and I want to tell her so badly that I haven't even acknowledged her since she hung up on me a week ago but fuck that. We are slowly making our way into becoming acquaintances. Maybe I keep trying to find a reason to not care so much about her, I don't know. But this whole up and down, you're talking to me then you're not, it's bullshit. Anyway! Of course when I got there I had to take my lunch right away because that manager wasn't even supposed to be there that day.

Working with Anna today was bollocks. It's like she was giving me the cold shoulder on purpose. Obviously she was being weird to me because she changed her demeanor when interacting with others but when it came time to address me, she got quiet and frowned, like <I>I</I> did something wrong. I'm definitely not graveling at her feet, asking what's wrong every five minutes, sadly I think that's what she wants. I asked her once, it was a weird answer so I asked again later if she was having a bad day or something and she shakes her head no. Yeah. Real "best friend" behavior going on there. FUCK this. I don't have time for his bullshit. Maybe she's upset that I've started my own dubsmash instapage but you know? whatever; ours is basically just me and she can't prioritize getting a new phone since hers is cracked to shit. Maybe she's having problems with her boyfriend and doesn't want to discuss them with me because oh know, he's a psycho. Oh well. I have to worry about <I>my</i> life and not these flimsy relationships. This passive aggressive bullshit will not stand.

On the plus side, my boss finally gave me an exit date. I've got a week left in that horrible place and fortunately, I planned a four day weekend for myself coincidentally on my last week. I feel bad leaving everyone in the lurch but at the same time, I don't because fuck this store. This is a good company to work for (I suppose) but fuck this particular store. I'm nervous about the new one because it's in the downtown area but oh well. New store, new challenges.

Mark is sick and I'm going through kissing withdrawals. It's not pleasant. I tried to sleep at my house but around 5:30am, I messaged him saying that I couldn't sleep without him (which is true) and he texts me back twenty minutes saying "come on over". I couldn't resist the invitation. Hey! At least I got my apartment in order. All the the Christmas stuff aside from what's left in my trunk (because it wouldn't open) has been neatly packed away for next year. My room is so clean that it looks bigger. I'm excited for the summer. Mark had mentioned the obvious, that he couldn't spend the night at my place because Kiddo may need him but when Kiddo leaves for the school break, he said "it's on". Now the pressure sets in to make the living room actually livable. Financial Priorities. Ugh.

I've prayed about my attitude and hope that I can just forget about this incident. "He who angers you controls you."

"Heal and grow, heal and grow." -Mark Corrigan, <I>Peep Show</I>

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