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Broke Again

Friday the 13th. Oh dear lol

It's interesting to note that this year in August I will have maintained this blog for seven years. It's a great shame that I've only blogged with apparent enthusiasm for the last two years but oh well. I learned a lot from my relationship with Lee and have gathered more knowledge on the path to "the now".

I still haven't slept at my apartment yet. It's a convenient place for my things and this cat that I've acquired but I really need to spend more time there. I bought an "entertainment center" today, well half bought. Walt is paying for the other half. Mark and I are picking it up today and I'm going to assemble it when he goes to work. I'm excited about spending time at my apartment lol

It was pay day yesterday. All my money is virtually gone but the bills are paid and that's all that matters. I've got some money to use for groceries and incidentals but yeah. I'm broke again lol. Still, it feels good to have bought this furniture so I can stop talking and dreaming about it. Next is a couch and a coffee table with some accent tables and lamps, then comes the art. Maybe even a smaller couch or a recliner. I don't know. I don't want to acquire too much because when that time comes to leave the apartment for good, it'll be too much to move. But why live life like that? Why deprive myself of the good stuff?

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