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Random Musings of a Twenty Something

Chelsea Mimieux Klein


Hi, my name is Chelsea.
I'm just here to vent.
For me, life is a good story.
What's your excuse?

heartThe Castheart
Chelsea: The pretty text Narrator. The Protagonist. The Heroine. The Star.
The Fam
Madonna: The aggressive, peace loving Mum; Generous, kind. Sometimes unstable.
Leonidas: The controlling yet distant Father; Means well. Always adds his fifty cents in.
Ursula: The inspiring, easy-going Stepmother; Not the easiest to get along with at first.
Ali: Ursula's beautiful amazonian Daughter; As sweet as the days are long.
Suzanne: Ursula's younger sister. Quite the talker, sweet, courteous. GREAT shopper.
Ron: The tranquil, constrained Stepfather; Sweet. Childlike. Just a snail mail away.
Denis: Leonidas' brother. The open-minded, free spirit Uncle; Always a pleasure to see.
Supporting Cast
Anna: The "best" friend and fellow co-worker. Funny. Unpredictable. A force to be reckoned with.
Mark: The Boyfriend. An ex-marine that enjoys gaming, researching, and being an asshole.
Walton: Also known as Walt. The happy-go-lucky Roommate. Always chipper. A beacon of light.
Jimmy: The Ex-Fiance. Clingy. Psychotic. Withheld information which lead to his untimely exit.
The Boss: She is the one whom Chelsea answers to, learns from, is inspired by, etc.
The Assistant: She is the one whom Chelsea does not answer to, learn from, or is inspired by.
Jonathan: The long lost love from high school who shows up periodically to drive Chelsea crazy.
Jopa: The sexiest, smartest human being to ever exist. He's the one that got away.
Adam: Formerly known as "Chet". Ex-boyfriend. Impulsive. Addicted. Extroverted in a bad way.
Lee: A selfish, piece of shit ex-boyfriend who took advantage of Chelsea's youth.

heartThe Settingsheart
Marionberriton: Chelsea's Current Hometown. Simple. Rustic. Far, far away.
Palm Springs: Chelsea's Childhood Home. Playground of Presidents, Old School Hollywood.
San Francisco (The City): Chelsea's Old Hometown; Someday, she'll move back.
P&W (Pig 'n Whistle): Chelsea's convenience store job full of bullshit wankers who get away with everything.