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Full Speed Ahead

It's happening. Oh yes. It's happening and there's no going back. The word has already gotten out since my boss has to post the job offer so anyone can apply. Obviously it got people talking which sadly initiated Anna to text me. She messaged earlier about how she just realized the gifts left in front of her locker yesterday were hers and Sara's. I wonder if she even opened them yet. Ugh. Anyway, I'm excited. I'm excited because this is a new opportunity and I was getting bored/tired of my current store. I'm sad because there's a few things I'll miss about my current place like seeing my boyfriend from time to time or messing around with the other manager at my level, smoke breaks with Anna. Dear Science, I hope they don't have me coming on as the opening manager. Fuuuuck that. I have to work really hard to show them that this was not a mistake and that I deserve to be at a better store. The current one is just... it's the bottom of the totem pole. I feel as though employees get a sense of relief when they no longer have to work there. It's miserable; very hard to find solitude amongst the chaos.

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