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Wheels In Motion

Oh boy. This year has been a blur so far lol I've managed to keep myself tidy and get as organized as possible with the amount of time I leave. I'm trying to manage my time better. I don't think I've spent a night in my apartment this year yet. I really don't care but it's just funny to notice. Mark and I have a great time together playing video games or being in one another's company. He sort of keeps me grounded when I start taking offense to something minor or have a skewed perspective. I like that about him.

I heard from my new boss today. Apparently I'm starting in about two weeks. My old boss has two weeks to find a replacement but who knows how long that could take. She told me this was "tentative". I'm just going to soak up all the good things I like about my job and hope for the best in the future. Maybe make a few mental notes of things I'm NOT going to miss. Oh my, that would be quite a long list.

I had my first gathering at the apartment today. Anna and our mutual friend Kristin came over to play board games and drink wine. It was fun. A little hectic because I didn't think about snacks or anything until last minute. I made some Lil Smokies and laid out some cheese squares and candies. It was a hit! I only wish my living room was in order. I'd like a more comfortable setting. The dining room was nice but I wish we could have played in the living room with the TV on or something. I don't know. I have to start thinking about others. Next Thursday, we're headed to Kristin's house for the same affair. I have to bring something other than my Monopoly Office edition and raspberry cider (damn that was some good stuff). Anna made butter beer for Kristin and I as gifts this holiday season so we drank that as well. It's a great shame I didn't have vanilla ice cream to pour it over. It was fun being the host. I actually made my room look nicer to impress these slags and I hope to spend more time there now but that probably won't happen. Falling asleep in Mark's arms is too great of an experience to miss out on

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